Live with Braden Pollock: Insights from an Angel Investor and Domain Name Branding Expert

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Description: We are thrilled to have a special guest, Braden Pollock, joining us for an engaging conversation! Braden is an angel investor who has successfully invested in a couple of dozen technology start-ups.

He's also a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a domain name branding expert.

In this livestream, we will delve into Braden's remarkable professional journey and explore his immense success in various ventures. From purchasing and integrating more than a dozen small companies into existing enterprises he owns and operates, to his expertise in investing in high-value domain names as an alternative asset class, Braden has a wealth of knowledge to share!

Discover the strategies and insights he has acquired through his investments in technology start-ups and the acquisition of small companies.

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Braden Pollock

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