Unveiling the World of Domain Investing: Insights from UK Domain Investor and Enthusiast Lucy Connor

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Description: A livestream as we welcome Lucy Connor, a UK Domain Investor and Domain Enthusiast, who is sharing her insights on the world of domain investing and her experiences as an end user.

Lucy is the proud owner of a range of domain names, including Missattitude.com, Missattitude.co.uk, a registered company and a trademark, which has quite an interesting story behind it. She also owns petsupplies.co.uk and a few other domains that are not relevant to the care/medical sector. Lucy's extensive experience in the domain industry and her insights as an end user make her the perfect guest for our livestream.

During the livestream, Lucy discusses her journey into domain investing, shares her tips on how to find great domain names, and provides valuable advice on how to use domain names to build your brand online.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn from a successful online business owner.

Host: Helmuts Meskonis, HostMaria.com, also the owner of DNForum.com and AcornDomains.co.uk
Experts: Lucy Connor
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